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Bloodbath: The Brood Tribute

Last Updated on August 12, 1999

Well, I see that people are visiting this site again! That's good, I will update it from now on. I run 2 websites so updates will come every now-and-then. Even though the Brood broke up, this site will still talk about them all!

Here are some thing that will be coming soon:

Theme Music:
Christian Current
Edge Current

Titan Tron Videos
Edge Current

Plus! More video clips, images, message board, action figure pics, and tons more! Check back soon for all of that!

¤Also, if anyone can help me out with information on The Brood for the Brood History, please e-mail me, I will give you credit for your help in the Credits section.¤

Welcome to Bloodbath: The Brood Tribute

You have come in counter with the Bloodbath: The Brood Tribute. If you do not like vampires or gothic people you MUST leave. This site is dedicated to Gangrel, Edge, & Christian: The Brood. Here you will find all sorts of items on The Brood. We have Multimedia, Stats, and much more.........come along and step into the Darkside.

Title Histories
Brood History
(Coming Soon)

Theme Music
Titan Tron Videos
Video Clips

Brood Action Figures
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Copyright 1999 Justin S. This is was made and is maintained by Justin S. This site is not affilliated with The Brood, WWF, or Titan Sports. This is a non-profit, personal website. Logo graphic is designed by Gangrel3. For information pertaining to pictures, videos, or sounds see the credits section. All HTML work is Copyright 1999 Justin S.

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