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Bloodbath: The Brood Tribute

Image Gallery

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Gangrel and Christian Rising From the Fire
Gangrel and Christian Standing on the Side of the Ring
Gangrel Spewing Blood with Edge on the Top Rope Behind Him
Gangrel Covered in Blood
Gangrel Spewing Blood
Gangrel Carrying His Goblet to the Ring
Gangrel Standing with Edge Whispering to Him Behind Him
Gangrel Rising Through the Fire (Full Shot)
Gangrel Rising Through the Fire 2 (Head Shot from Right Side)
Gangrel Rising Through the Fire 3 (Waist Up)
Gangrel Rising Through the Fire 4 (Head Shot Showing Fangs)
Gangrel Mad Showing Teeth
Gangrel Showing his Teeth Covered in Blood
Gangrel with Blood Coming from his Mouth
Gangrel with his Tounge Sticking Out
Gangrel Pining Brian ChristopherShowing His Tounge
Gangrel Autographed Picture NEW

Close up of Christian's Face (From Right Side)
Christian and Edge Leaning on the Ropes
Christian Looking Shocked
Christian Holding the Lightweight Title
Christian Looking into the Ring
Christain Looking at Something
Christian Carrying the Lightweight Title to the Ring
Christian Getting Ready to Jump off the Top Rope
Christain and Gangrel Rising From the Fire
Christian and Gangrel Standing on the Side of the Ring
Christian Autographed Picture NEW

Edge Starring at You in a Blue Light
Edge Diving on D-Lo Brown
Edge On the Top Rope Looking at the Crowd
Edge Screaming
Edge Screaming 2
Edge Standing
Edge Standing on the Ropes while Gangrel Spews Blood
Edge Whispering in Gangrel's Ear

The Brood
The Brood Walking to the Ring Together
The Brood Standing in the Ring
The Brood in Smoke with Candles Around Them
The Brood Standing in the Ring 2
A Brood Picture from a Photo Shoot
The Brood Coming Through the Fire


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